A Brief History Of The War Of The Gods
November 21, 2015

A Brief History Of The War Of The Gods

Act One


Who is God?

Years ago, as in ten thousand years ago when human civilization was in its infancy, we were tribes of hunters and gatherers living on the plains until we discovered agriculture. Once we planted a root, it was inevitable that we would be attached to the land that we plowed and harvested. Soon after we realized the land needed to be protected from other tribes and other creatures, not to mention nature itself. It didn’t take long until we erected cities and temples, with gods and deities to control the family units that made up the bigger tribe. By 3500BC, social infrastructure was necessary to build bigger towns and villages, and plow more land to feed more people, that needed protection, faith and doctrines to coalesce the tribes into a nation. Supreme rulers governed these nations and surrounded themselves with stargazers, who can predict the next floods, or the next lunar eclipse and therefore control the future. The need to know what happens to us when we die or get sick was and still is one of the strongest drivers of humans to invent a comforting magical story in which the supreme ruler has inserted himself or his ancestors.

Death, in its inevitability marked a demarcation point in everyone’s quest for knowledge and their very limited time on the planet. The ancients almost unanimously believed in some kind of after-life, and therefore resurrection. Where did we come from? And when did time start were the questions on our ancestors’ minds. Every tribe, clan, nation, people had a story that is quite familiar to us today. It goes like this; A supreme omnipotent unseen entity created a man, then created a companion, then they both disobeyed his teachings, then they were expelled from the most magnificent, lush, wet, fertile, place in the universe: Heaven, the Garden of Eden, Paradise, and then God created all the animals to serve man. Other sub stories add angels, archangels, demons, and the anti god the Devil, Lucifer, or Iblis. Having solved the problem of where did we come from, the ancients needed to construct a story about when. Most ancients until the 18th century imagined a world that took about a week to create and had to have been created about 6000 to 7000 years before our common era. Even early scientists struggled with when, and placed the age of the Earth around 20 million years old. The Torah puts the date closer to 6000 years. The story of creation however, is present in pre Abrahamic texts in the most remote places in the Amazon, Incas, Maya, Nepal, Mali, Congo, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Egypt, and many others. Egyptian Gods specifically, evolved faster because they where needed to fulfill the needs of the rulers, and the populace.

These were the basis on which nations were built, and when a stronger nation ruled by a god-like-king who demanded that neighboring weaker nations abide by the rules of the stronger god or gods, it was so, or the wrath of the gods befell upon those weaker people until they were completely subjugated to slavery and complete and utter exploitation. The ancient Egyptians between 2500BC and 1000BC were the stronger nation in the center of the civilized world. They have invaded and acquired more land and more people that out numbered their own land and population. The invasion of Kanan and Nuba especially devastated and enslaved those areas. Not to mention the counter invasions by other nations from Mesopotamia that were repelled many times. The New Kingdom of the Egyptian empire around 1351BC, Akhenaten forced his nation to follow one god “Aten”. Akhenaten (formerly known as Amenhotep IV) the son of Amenhotep III seemed to have rejected his father’s gods and decided that Aten (or Ra the Solar disc god of light and of day) is a more reliable god than Amun, and forbad his advisors and prominent aristocrats from having Amun in their names. Resurrection filled a huge part of human activities (which I will visit later on in Act 2). Without any knowledge of what makes a person die or what is consciousness, the ancient Egyptians like others before them, and all after them manufactured a life style based on what happens to them after they died. The idea of life after death and judgment day remains with us to this day and dictates the lives of billions of people. The Israelites or the Hebrews were the first to develop commandments derived from the book of the dead and became the basis on which every Abrahamic faith strives to follow. The Romans did not like the Israelites or their monotheistic belief that did not make their emperor king of anything. Rome persecuted the Israelites and destroyed their temples, and came back in the early 300AD with a modified version of their teachings that swept the Middle East. Emperor Constantine took it upon himself to redefine the new Jewish teachings and give it a cross as its symbol. Constantine burned all scrolls that did not conform to his new construct of the God-son-spirit Trinity, and thus invented new branch of Judaism that is at odds with its core belief. The Jewish tribes that fled persecution to the Arabian Desert and Yemen reinvented the new faith again in a mere 300 years later. In 622AD Islam was declared God’s preferred version of all the Abrahamic faiths in a re-translation from Aramaic, and Hebrew into Arabic the stories were given a new lease on life, and a new language that expressed the wrath of god on those non believers or objectors. More emphasis on judgment and life after death became more pronounced in the new scripture. This will come to play a great role in defining modernity and civilization in the next 1500 years.

Here are simple examples of the similarities between the common every day prayers or benedictions that Jews, Christians and Muslims, repeat daily.

001 prayer

Baruch atah Adonai, Eloheinu melech haolam, hamotzi lechem min ha-aretz.

We praise You, Eternal God, Sovereign of the universe, who causes bread to come forth from the earth. Amen



Our Father, which art in heaven,

Hallowed be thy Name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done,

in earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us our trespasses,

As we forgive them that trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation;

But deliver us from evil:

[For thine is the kingdom, the power,

and the glory, for ever and ever.]




002 prayer

In the name of Allah the most compassionate, and the most merciful, Thanks to thee Sovereign of the universe. King of eternity and kingdom come, You who we worship and depend on. Guide us into the righteous path. The path of those upon whom You showered blessings, not those who have incurred your wrath (meaning the Jews) or those who have gone astray (referring to Christians) Amen


The language is derived from the same root, except in Al Fatiha the Arabic Muslim prayer clearly points out that Jews and Christians are not welcomed in God’s kingdom. Notice it is a kingdom in all three religions, and God is king of this world and many others (the universe).



Act Two


The evolution of evil

By the end of the seventh century AD the Arabian Tribes had united and embarked on what would be known as Caliphates rule. The original companions to the messenger of god (Mohammed) established a new empire and conquered Persia and spread to today’s Afghanistan and Pakistan to the east, and as far north as Mesopotamia and today’s Turkey and Armenia that were under the Byzantine Empire. The invaders went west and conquered Egypt and the rest of North Africa all the way to Southern Spain (Andalusia) between 632 to 1269 Islam and its culture was the ruling empire. The original true caliphate so called Al-Rashidun lasted from 632 till 661 were the only time in the history of Islamic rule that equality and freedom of religion was practiced. A sense of civility and hope was upon the people. How was this possible you ask? The spoils of war were dispersed to all inhabitants of the empire. Soldiers and Army leaders got paid more, but the department of the treasury (Beit Al Maal) made sure that the spoils of war were spent on the public. This was a time of prosperity that today’s Muslims who only can read about it want to re-live it. Invading another sovereign land is a barbaric act regardless of the lofty reasons behind it. This act brings with it death and destruction, but most of all anger, hate and the need for revenge. It wasn’t long before the conquered rose up and sought to gain back what they’ve lost. The Byzantine Empire with the aid of the Pope that demanded Armed Pilgrimage attacked the Fatimid Caliphate and took charge of Jerusalem. As a consequence, a 200-year campaign of terror insured. These atrocities were the earliest recorded (in the western and middle Eastern theater) against civilians, prisoners of war, and religious minorities and cultural relics. Many massacres that took place, were responded to by more brutal massacres. Jews were especially singled out by the People’s Crusades in what was called the Rhineland massacres. The barbarism did not stop there; the Catholics attacked and ransacked the Orthodox Constantinople by the forth crusade. All hopes for a united church were dashed. Pope Urban II promised the crusaders “Remission of Sins” in –here it comes-, the after life, for their armed pilgrimage. The Crusades didn’t just go east but unbeknown to most, it also attacked the pagans in the north. In my opinion those 200 years, marked the birth of religious intolerance and sealed evil as a method of relating to others that didn’t look like or believe in what other humans looked or believed in. Evil has triumphed in creating generational hatred that remains with us today. The saga continued as the descendants of crusaders, 300 years later turn to the west and by the late 1800s had caused the annihilation of the Maya, Chumash, Apache, Cherokee, Mohawk, Masssachusett, Sioux, Chinook, and Pawnee peoples to name a few amongst the thousands of nations that disappeared. These peoples’ only problem was that they didn’t want to die quietly, and they resisted both death and Christianity. God was on the side of Christianity and therefor “good”, and we don’t have to blame anyone for what happened to whole nations.

God has turned into an emulate that people wore for protection, and invoked it to alter and suspend the rules of nature to ask for one’s enemy’s demise while sustaining one’s prosperity. God is good when he is on your side and evil when he is on your enemy’s side. God who is omnipotent, omniscient God who is all-good must have an anti God who is also omnipotent, omniscient who is all-evil that is responsible for all the ills and destruction in the world. The opposite of “hate” is not “love” as hate encompasses total annihilation, destruction, elimination from existence, whereas “love” doesn’t require the creation of something into existence, or construction or building of anything at all. Love, thus, is not an act it is “being” while hate is an act. Let’s not mix love and God then.

Most people I know with the exceptional few keep a good distance from people that don’t look, pray, dress, and even eat like them. It is humanity’s desire to cheat death that made the after-life a prize we pass to those who sacrifice and give all they got, including their own lives. Jihadist, and Crusaders alike were presented with a choice between fighting and killing, or sin free, easy living after live in that illusive place; Heaven.




Act Three


Reality Vs. Illusions

A snapshot of humanity shows, that we have civilized ourselves, and we are on our way to being in charge of our own destiny. However, our own history reveals to us that even though as humans we’ve evolved physically, but emotionally and psychologically we remain the very superstitious, delusional, waiting-for-our- resurrection kind of humans. As hardware, we have come a long way, but as software, we haven’t passed the beta version yet. Despite our advanced science, and remarkable achievements in every aspect in our lives, the one thing that links us to our desperate past is hate. Hate is an illusion that comes from our primordial fear. Fear is a necessary mechanism in scarcity. Scarcity is the outcome of competition. Competition comes from separation and boundaries. To reconstruct this formula from the bottom up, it starts with groups of people that live behind secure borders keeping all the competition out, then work out of fear to compete for scarce resources, that was made so by a false lifestyle that requires the acquisition of these resources to achieve happiness. When in fact working in unison and not out fear will result in abundance.

The illusion that’s perceived as reality then dictates that we must accumulate large quantities of goods, and services to achieve maximum pleasure and status. This formula as discussed earlier makes us gain by force or otherwise, the necessary resources from those who have them. This means instead of hiding behind spreading a religion or a doctrine, we bluntly and aggressively take what we want, but not as spoils of war but as winner takes all game. Our modern history shows us that empires continued to expand its hegemony over people and their land, regardless of historical context or which other illusion reality these people live under. Our illusion reality dictates that we can’t exist with those who do not share our perceived divine values. We are ready to annihilate those who don’t look like us, pray like us. It was a necessary evil to drop the bombs on Japan in August 45 but, not once, this thought was contemplated to do so over Europe. By the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the division of its territories amongst the victors, the new borders were drawn in straight lines with total disregard or understanding to the ethnic or illusion reality of the inhabitants. The result is a ticking time bomb that we are deeply involved in arming. Our desire to control fossil fuel in the world for the next 50 years resulted in our meddling and toppling a few-dozen government since the end of WWII. This, in turn created and recreated dictatorships, banana republics, client states, puppet-governments that totally oppressed their own populations. Once in a while when we need a regime change we create a vacuum that’s quickly filled with the very elements that we don’t like to have in our midst. So here is an illusion reality structure: the biggest and strongest empire on the planet invades a previous client state run by an iron fisted thug named Saddam Hussein. The US is then surprised by how quickly Iraq fell apart and there was nothing left of a recognizable infrastructure. Four years later an army of the willing forms to resist the Christian invaders. (Remember act one and act two) Of course the army is wrapped in the flag of Islam and Jihad (armed struggle) (Remember Martyrs in Jihad go to heaven and have all the virgins they desire). In less than two years the defending army had metamorphosed into a Caliphate and established itself as a state. Our new illusion reality is that we haven’t evolved at all, and haven’t learned anything from history.

Our desires are created for us and we acquiesce to those who create them for us. The machine that beat the drums of war to go invade another country in the name of self-preservation, is the same machine that funds, manufactures, ships, and sells the weapons that are used in that war.

Humanity’s consciousness itself is a direct descendant of our bloody history. We manifest what we fear, and what we dread the most. On the one hand we have a quarter of the planet’s population believe that it is god’s will that moves us and that evil is a reality, and on the other hand about another quarter of the population believes that evil is a reality and it is manifested itself in those who don’t like us invading their ancestral lands. So her is a snapshot of the current situation in no particular order:

  • 1945-1965 US emerges as the dominant world power after WWII, Russia (USSR) is dismissed as an aggressor and not an ally. India and Pakistan gain their independence. Israel is formed after a bloody struggle against the British and Arabs. Korean War. Oil is discovered in the Arabian Peninsula. Palestinians are a diaspora in oil rich kingdoms. North African countries, Iran, Iraq, and Syria all gain their independence following India’s example. The US gets involved in many cope-d’états from South to Central America, to Iran and Southeast Asia. The Suez crisis. The Cuban missile crisis and the brink of nuclear war. The Vietnam War, and attacking Laos and Cambodia. The Kennedy assassination. The Civil Rights movement.
  • 1966-1990 Science advancements and the birth of the computer. The space race and Man on the moon. The cold war intensifies. The formation of an armed resistance in Israeli occupied lands. The 6 day war and the capture of Jerusalem. The none Alliance movement. Continued nuclear testing and testing in space. The Yom Kippur War (10th of Ramadhan War) Reganomics, and starwars bankrupt the USSR. The fall of the Berlin wall. USSR invades Afghanistan, and the US arms the Mujahedeen (Jihadists). Al Qaeda is born. Terrorism is born, hijacking, bombing of nightclubs, Entebbe incident, the Berlin Olympics, The rise of the banned Muslim Brotherhood. Lebanon falls apart. Peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. The US embassy in Tehran hostage crisis. Hizbolla, Hammas, Israel invades Lebanon. Now we slow down.
  • Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait in 1992.
  • US leads a coalition to decimates Saddam’s army.
  • US gives green light to the minorities for an uprising.
  • US leaves the uprising un assisted and creates a no fly zones.
  • The uprising is quelled and the people lose faith in the US and its coalition.
  • Early Nineties see Eastern Europe disintegrate as the former Yugoslavia falls apart and massacres of both Serbians Christians and Bosnian Muslims air live on TV. Jihadist from around the world, sign up to go save their kind, but the US redirects their attention back to Afghanistan.
  • Terrorism is on the rise as the US embassies in Africa are attached, and the USS Cole is attached in Yemen.
  • Bush II is appointed president in Gore vs. Bush Supreme Court historic decision.
  • Bush & Chaney conduct a world wide new energy policy behind closed doors.
  • Afghanistan’s backward Taliban refuse to grant permission to build a pipeline.
  • World trade garage is attacked. An Egyptian blind Sheik is tried and remains in jail.
  • 9/11
  • Afghanistan invasion. The fall of the Taliban and the rise of Al Qaeda.
  • The invasion of Iraq. 50% of Americans believed that Saddam had something to do with 9/11
  • An army of resistors is formed and eventually is lead by Al Baghdady who will lead ISIS later.
  • 14 years later the longest armed conflict in modern US history still rages on.
  • The Arab Spring or uprising. Or is it?
  • Syria’s Assad decides he is not going like Tunisia, or Egypt. He fights on.
  • The Jihadist from Iraq and Syria unit and create an army and a state modeled after the 633AD Caliphate, except they are armed to the teeth with both US, Russian, and Chinese weapons, and have a system to sell crude oil on the black market.
  • The US aids the Free Syrian Army to fight both ISIS and Bashar Al Assad’s Army.
  • Elements of the FSA take their training and weapons and join ISIS.
  • Russia in an attempt to bait and switch to distract from what it is doing in Crimea and Ukraine it puts boots on the ground and flies sorties against anyone who is against Assad, including the FSA and ISIS.
  • US and Russia start a proxy war with no winner. The Kurds PKK, Hizbolla, Iranian troops, Syrian Army, US warplanes are all fighting a senseless war with the pre-condition that Assad remains in power.
  • ISIS is defeated on the ground in Syria and in Iraq, it fights back by attacking indiscriminately soft civilian targets: The Russian civilian airliner out of Sharm Al Shiek, Egypt, and the double bombing in Beirut, Lebanon, followed by the senseless six attacks in Paris, France.

As you can see from this reality illusion point of view it is all connected. We are all connected, and responsible for allowing our leaders to lead us into what special-interests want. We have allowed the US to spend ordinarily $640 Billion on the military annually, which tops the military budget of the rest of the world, combined. We have to realize that there is only one world with finite resources, inhabited by one kind that can keep it intact.

The rift between East and West, and Old and New is not going away any time soon. We will always have the desire to bring modernity to replace antiquity, yet the sobering reality illusion is that Muslims around the world will not take responsibility for the acts of insanity of the few. The radicals’ reality illusion is so far off the charts, they may as well be in a different universe. One day the truth (strange word) will reveal itself, that we are the masters of creation, and we are the masters of illusion. We have travelled so far into the story of the gods that it is inseparable from our consciousness. People believe in it “literally” that it manifests itself to them in daily occurrences. I ask that we recognize our differences, and see our similarities. We must recognize that ideology, cannot be suppressed or defeated by drones, or military might.

It is counterintuitive to think that imperialism and Islamic Jihad are at different ends of the spectrum. In fact the rise of one, feeds the other. Without our drone attacks and ground wars and Gitmo, there will be no Islamic resistance or Jihadist ISIS ready to blow themselves up into heaven. We have to invade them in a different way, through their hearts and minds. We have to educate generations, to take hold of the idea that empires fall, and gods are our own creations.



Emad Asfoury

November 18, 2015





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